Gebruikte machines

Ons assortiment omvat naast een enorm scala aan nieuwe machines, ook gebruikte en tweedehands apparatuur voor vele toepassingen op het gebied van trommelen en stralen. Alle gebruikte installaties zijn in goede staat en kunnen worden aangepast, uitgebreid, gemoderniseerd of gelakt volgens de wensen van de klant.


Rösler biedt ook uitgebreide service en een onderhoudspakketvoor alle gebruikte apparatuur van alle merken en fabrikanten.

TitleHigh Energy Disc System
Type FKS 06.1 E-SA
Year Of Manufacture2011
DescriptionThis High Energy Disc System is particularly suitable for the deburring and radiusing of smaller parts in a relatively short period of time. The system is especially comfortable to use because of the integrated separation unit.
NumberGS 021
TitleRotary dryer
Type RT 150 Euro
Year Of Manufacture2016
DescriptionRösler rotary dryer RT 150 Euro Working hours: approx. 97 h Incl. - Separation screen PU-coated Ø 6 mm - Switch unit - Dust cover - Dust exhausting device
NumberGS 109
TitleRotary Vibrator
Type R 420 E
Year Of Manufacture2008
DescriptionThis rotary vibrator with wedge profile in the outer wall of the process channel speeds up and optimizes the processing of small, delicate parts by preventing them from sticking to the channel wall. The wedge is also very useful for part-on-part processing without media. Incl. fresh water metering unit, switch unit, frequency inverter
NumberGS 023
TitleRotary vibrator
Type R 220 EC
Year Of Manufacture2017
DescriptionRösler rotary vibrator R 220 EC (as good as new, because of new lining, motor and bearing) incl. switch unit, metering unit and separation screen
NumberGS 113
Type R 220 EC
Year Of Manufacture2015
DescriptionRösler Rotary vibrator R 220 EC; working hours: approx. 100 h, incl. switch unit with frequency inverter, metering unit, separation screen perforation: 15 mm, pneumatically operated separation flap
NumberGS 123
Type R 180/530 TE-30
Year Of Manufacture2014
DescriptionRösler Trough vibrator type Minor R 180/530 TE-30 (rubber lining) incl. motor protective switch and metering pump 15 l
NumberGS 127
TitleTrough Vibrator
Type RMO 180/530 TE-30
Year Of Manufacture2012
DescriptionThis small trough vibrator is especially suitable for the processing of small parts or individual treatment of larger parts with dimensions of max. 480 mm length and 100 mm width. The system is encapsulated entirely as a unit including sound protection and integrated water supply.
NumberGS 022
TitleTrough vibrator
Type R 360/870 TE-15
Year Of Manufacture2015
DescriptionRösler trough vibrator R 360/870 TE-15 (new) incl. switch unit and metering unit
NumberGS 117